Oh So Lean

Family Deal 2

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Family Deal 2 consists
2 x packs of sausages which you can choose from
low fat/gluten free pork ,pork and leek, pork chilli and garlic, pork honey and mustard
low fat/ gluten free Steak, steak and pepper, chicken sausages*

2 x packs of burgers,
low fat/gluten free steak, peppered steak*,  steak and maple bacon
low fat/gluten free chicken and herb, peppered chicken*, mexican turkey,  pork and leek

1 x pack of 5 large fresh chicken fillets, (peppered* or chinese)
1 x 1kg fresh gammon, pork loin or silverside roast

3 x pots
gluten free healthy pepper sauce, chicken chilli rice ,pasta
gluten free healthy curry sauce,chicken curry rice, vegetable noodles&nbsp
gluten free healthy vegetable soup, 

  free pack of low salt home cured bacon

Please note anyone following We Slim Together plan this product is Guilt free!!

Storage Instructions

Chilled storage between 0?C - 4?C Suitable for Home Freezing. Do not refreeze once thawed.